Thousand Oaks in Paradise

What a coincidence? Another country music associated event. A group that was in the Vegas shooting was there. The bar was full of military people. And the shooter is a dead “Muslim terrorist” then a Marine named Ian David Long. 13 total. Then Gavin Newsom, the new California governor is talking gun control not even after 24 hours of him winning the governor’s seat. That’s “borderline” insane. Literally.

So check out this video. What are the three dots at Paradise on this time lapse? Then there is fire in Paradise….

Looks like the California fires were started by the political fires.

So these fires in California are obviously planned in my opinion. The timing is impecable. The Ventura County/Thousand Oaks area fire and the Butte County Paradise fire both started the day after Gavin Newsom was elected Governor of our “great state”. This guy will be worse than Moonbeam. Is it a coincidence Newsome pushes for stricter gun control after the Thousand Oaks shooting (which is questionable in itself)? And then a fire in Thousand Oaks starts along with Paradise is now burnt to the ground. Remember Trumps red wave in November?

Looks like its here. It seems everytime the leadership in California screws up, Trump puts them on notice. So…are they on notice again?

And let me mention something about Thousand Oaks. Remember when Trump was gifted a Tree by Frenchy Macron? They planted it and then pulled it out the next day giving some excuse about the process of planting it. Did you know it was a oak? The oak tree signifies their demonic divine masculine. So you have the symbolism of a 1,000 gods causing terror and are on fire with these 2 events happening in Thousand Oaks. Everything has meaning to these nut cases and nothing can be left unnoticed. So who is behind all of this? We may have a strong candidate. But trust me, both sides are compliant to their master.

Seriously? This lady in Thousand Oaks looks like the same lady from both Orlando shooting and Vegas. Same voice too. They honestly think we are stupid.

When you don’t pray to the Father in Jesus name, this is what you get. These people mock Christianity anyway they can. This is the page where they promote these false flags and like “Patty Orfanos” (the crisis actor) who actually said this in a interview, “I don’t want your prayers”, crisis actors or not…it’s the Antichrist spirit moving here.

Prayer is enough. Don’t listen to this bs.

Telemachus Orfanos – fighting from afar (bowman) fatherless orphan.

This is the new face for the Thousand Oaks shooting. Telemachus Orfanos. It’s a Greek name and Telemachus is a character in Homers Odyessy. He was the son of Odysseus and he came back from the Trojan War (trickery symbolism) searching for KNOWLEDGE of his father. The name Telemachus’s in Greek means “far from battle”, or perhaps “fighting from afar”, as a bowman does. “As a bowman does”? That would be someone who uses a bow and arrow like Nimrod. Are you seeing the symbolism here? He is there mighty hunter character in their game of lies. (Machus also has a Malchus ring to it. The temple soldier who got his ear cut off by Peter that Jesus healed).

His last name is intetesting. Orfanos is where we get orphan. Orphan “from Late Latin orphanus “parentless child” (source of Old French orfeno, Italian orfano), from Greek orphanos “orphaned, without parents, fatherless,” literally “deprived,” from orphos “bereft,” from PIE *orbho- “bereft of father,” also “deprived of free status,” from root *orbh- “to change allegiance, to pass from one status to another”. (

So orfanos means literally “FATHERLESS”. And his “mother Patty”, while acting, claims that she doesn’t want any prayers. That’s because there name in this case speaks volumes, they have no Father to pray to. Prayers are enough but when your a Luciferian, they call those invocations and conjourings. That’s why they don’t want your prayers.

On a sidenote: my guess is that this dude was a crisis actor. Did he die? In don’t know but if he did (hypothetically speaking), it wouldn’t surprise me to start seeing these crisis actors in different false flags start showing up dead in other false flag events. That would make sense to me. Now they have become their sacrifices with real deaths, only that they were all staged. It’s their TROJAN HORSE. Get it?


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